The Not-So Secret Underground Bar in London

I have a confession to make…like many others, I am addicted to Pinterest. But not just a regular check it a few times a day kind of addiction; I am known to spend an entire 8 hour day at school scrolling through looking for daily recipes, DIY’s, bucket list travel destinations etc…I am also a lover of all things vintage. I am very nostalgic of past eras like the Roaring 20’s. So While I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for things to do in London, I came across a Buzzfeed UK article about a secret underground 1940’s era bar in London called Cahoots. Well needless to say my jaw nearly dropped to the floor and I had to find out if this was true or not.


My very quaint table for one

After doing what I do best which is research I had booked myself a table, planned my route on the tube from my hostel, poured over their drink menu, and read a ton of reviews on TripAdvisor…maybe I was a little too excited.

I call it the “Not-So Secret Underground Bar”, when in reality it was somewhat hard to find. After much turn around while walking through Piccadilly Circus I finally found the entrance hidden off of an open air market.


Interesting bathroom signage…

It is quite like stepping back in time. Old gramophones playing classic tunes, vintage detailed furniture, and elaborate cocktails. All of the staff members are dressed in period clothing and quite a few enthusiastic patrons are decked-out as well. I really wanted to wear my classic wiggle dress but just couldn’t justify packing it for one occasion. Needless to say I still enjoyed myself at my little table for one, sipping on rather expensive cocktails, and people watching. Even the live entertainment was a great mix of old and new. Not many people can say they have seen a dapper chap playing a “banjulele” and singing The Beastie Boys “You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party” to a 40’s doo-wop beat! Magical I tell you. I can honestly say I was quite taken with this quirky little establishment. The drinks are elaborate and delicious, the food or “ration” menu comes in little tin cans or vintage style lunch boxes and the atmosphere is very charming.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there and would definitely go back the next time I find myself roaming the streets of London…but maybe next time I’ll pack my fancy dress!


Check out Cahoots for yourself!

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